3D Artist Martin L. Motta interview by 3DTutorials.net

3DTutorials: Please, tell us a bit about yourself like: what are you, what are you engaged in? 

Martin L. Motta: My name is Martin L. Motta , I have 32 years , I am audiovisual designer and steady work for a company where performance the role of coordinator of the composition of audiovisual works sector. I also work as freelance unemployment various local and international studios and production . It has always fascinated me up with ideas , textures , objects and anything that can translate either in 3D, 2D in a still image or moving.


3DTutorials: Do you remember when and how did you get to know the CG? Do you have a specific professional degree?

Martin L. Motta: I do not remember what was the exact moment when I began my passion for CG , but I do remember that I drew everything in CG I saw in the movies, analyzed it and tried to understand how it could have been done was something magical that no fully understand . I am Audiovisual designer graduated from the University of Palermo in Argentina.


3DTutorials: How would you appraise the level of your 3D knowledge on a ten-point scale? What of your skills need a certain fostering? What issues in your opinion do cause problems? 

Martin L. Motta: I am very self-critical and retailers with my work , I always find something that could change or have done differently. I think if I had to evaluate me with a score would be a seven just because I think I have a certain base and experience in these years I've been designing in CG . I think you always have to keep learning and self exacted.


3DTutorials: Tell us, please, what tools do you use in your work? Do you learn new softwares or plan to any in the nearest future?


Martin L. Motta: Generally I often use a similar methodology in the work I do. Whenever I raise the idea in my head , I look for several references , I raise the work based on the proportions zbrush where up to receive a balance in the model model. Then depending on the model and of its final purpose , the retopology gender model in 3ds max with the native tools of the program. After the UV genre with a program called UVLayout and finally I use a combination of ZBrush and photshop polypaint to generate textures. If the model is used for animation generated a rigging with different tools provided by the program. Generally facial body riggin as the genre from scratch. The software I use are the 3ds Max, ZBrush, Photoshop, After Effect on the UVLayout and some work in the Mari. The latter have short-term goal , to integrate it into my usual work methodology.


3DTutorials: Tell us, please, what does your work start with? How many sketches do you make before you can choose the final version?

Martin L. Motta: I usually start with the search for references that is what I want to capture or aesthetic line will continue with the model. I usually do about one piece in zbrush several modifications, gender different versions of the model to reach a final sketch I will adjust then and work with more detail.



3DTutorials: Tell us, please, what is that you can't imagine your art without? What is the integral part of your art?

Martin L. Motta: I can not imagine my art without satisfaction that makes me do it or see it . I think enjoy what you do generates a unique feeling , I always try to enjoy the process of assembling the piece. It is an integral part of all my pieces desire to continue to grow as an artist each piece motivation gives me an extra boost for the coming work.


3DTutorials: What are your plans for future in the capacity of CG artist? 

Martin L. Motta: My future plans is to follow in the line of constant growth and not stop. Always be updated tools to use but knowing that these are not the sole responsibility of the final product , your talent and your ability to create is what determines your art.


3DTutorials: How much time do you spare for CG? How do you amuse your leisure and take your ease?


Martin L. Motta: In my beginning with the CG he devoted much time to even stay up late for a render or a design that woke me impatient to finish . Today I dedicate time but to a lesser extent , generally not every day , but when I dedicate step if four or six hours in a day. In my spare time I usually use to design or enjoy watching my colleagues work . Also sharing the amount of time with other activities such as music etc.


3DTutorials: Who are your favorite artists?

Martin L. Motta: I admire many artists , some are not CG and belong to the world of illustration . There are many talented and lucky people today can see different pages all his art . Among which feature Peter Conti, Mathieu Aerni, Cedric Peyravernay, Max Kostenko, Denis Silber, Rafael Grassetti and many others that the list would be endless.


3DTutorials: And the last question what new work we should be expecting from you soon?

Martin L. Motta: I'm working on a character in a region of my country is an urban legend, it is often called the Pomberito . In principle it would be used for a television production but then the project was put on hold until funds together. I share a screen display of the character in process.


3DTutorials: Robert, 3dtutorials.net team expresses its gratitude for a remarkable interview! We wish you to meet targets, be a success, а rush of plentiful inspiration and make time for rest. 

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