3D artist Krit Suppaudom interview by 3DTutorials.net

3DTutorials: Please, tell us a bit about yourself like: what are you, what are you engaged in? 

Krit Suppaudom: Hi, My name is Krit Suppaudom. Most people know me as Maipai (it means bamboo), I’m 30 years old and I'm a freelance 3D character and concept artist from Thailand. My inspiration usually come from Film and VideoGame. When I see these things I usually always excited and I like to observe details on it.


3DTutorials: Do you remember when and how did you get to know the CG? Do you have a specific professional degree?

Krit Suppaudom: When I’m 10 Years old (Since 1995). I enjoy for watching “JUMANJI” adventure movies. I’m very love animals CG in this movies. This is so excited for me and I think it was a starting point on my CG road. I’m very like to paint and composite details texture on character.


3DTutorials: What software and plug-ins did you use to create this scene?


Krit Suppaudom: This scene was a personal project use for teaching to my students as case study in my class.

I used Zbrush for sculpting, Keyshot for rendering mat lighting camera etc.and Comp on Photoshop.

First I find a reference salamander and starting sculpting primary and secondary form with Dynamesh, after that Retopo, put details Alpha, Tranpose on Zbrush4R7

Next Step Import model to Keyshot 5.1 for Lighting, Camera, Material and Rendering etc.

After that results from Keyshot go to work in Photoshop composite Texture and Material for final image.I like use Hue/Saturation and Levels for Tone color. Moreover as Chromatic Aberration, Vignette, Auto Contrast, High Pass etc. 



3DTutorials: Tell us, please, what does your work start with? How many sketches do you make before you can choose the final version?

Krit Suppaudom: I Start with Reference and Inspirations for create Concept, Mood and Tone, Lighting, Shader etc.


3DTutorials: How much time do you spare for CG? How do you amuse your leisure and take your ease?

Krit Suppaudom: I always spend time for practicing new skill. and don’t forget to relax with swimming pool.


3DTutorials: What are your plans for future in the capacity of CG artist?

Krit Suppaudom: I want to develop my work and my skill to better and better. I hope in the future that be inspiration for more people.


3DTutorials: Who are your favorite artists?

Krit Suppaudom: I get inspiration from many people such as Dominic Qwek, Frank Tzeng, Rafael Grassetti, Riyahd Cassiem, Furio Tedeschi, Vitary Bulgarov, Simon Lee.


3DTutorials: And the last question what new work we should be expecting from you soon?

Krit Suppaudom: I'm currently working on my characters Hard surface projects.I want working on more detail.


3DTutorials: Krit Suppaudom, 3dtutorials.net team expresses its gratitude for a remarkable interview! We wish you to meet targets, be a success, а rush of plentiful inspiration and make time for rest. 


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