3D artist José Luis Peña interview by 3DTutorials.net

3DTutorials: Please, tell us a bit about yourself like: what are you, what are you engaged in? 

José Luis Peña: First, I want to thank you for this pleasant interview. He is very pleased that you have chosen me to give them an interview. My name is José Luis Peña and I am from Lima Peru. Right now I am in various professional, artistic and musical projects.

Regards :)


3DTutorials: How many years of experience do you have in the field?

José Luis Peña: I ended my career design and 3D animation in 2012, and since graduating 'm so far in this wonderful world of 3d.


3DTutorials: What was the requirement for creating this model?



José Luis PeñaWell, the concept found it online and it was a good basic drawing in black and white. Then I gave my personal touches in the details , texture, composition. At the beginning I did not know what color and texture would have. First I thought it would look dragon , perhaps after a reptile or a mammal. In the course of the process that was developing this model, I chose to have a form of anthropomorphic reptile.


3DTutorials: Who/What influences your artistic style the most?

José Luis Peña: The artists that influence me are different . I have the classic Myron of Eleutherae , Rodin, Bernini. Painters like Salvador Dalí , Joseph Wright , Rembrandt . And modern artists such as Man Ray, Rick Baker, Glauco Longhi.


3DTutorials: What led you to work in this industry? 

José Luis Peña: I always liked the art, be it literature, music, painting, sculpture . When I left school I did not know exactly what to study, but what if you had in mind was that I wanted to be an artist. Later, I discovered 3d industry and decided I wanted to study this race because I just loved and matched all that fascinated me.


3DTutorials: Did you use any references?

José Luis Peña:: Until now I do. It's a great help.


3DTutorials: What was the best advice given to you as an artist?

José Luis Peña: Always keep improving your art. Be inspired by everything around you. Be observant. Find influences of other artists. Research and learn new techniques. And above all, do not settle for what little they know.


3DTutorials: Do you prefer procedural texturing or not?

José Luis Peña: In some yes. It's a great help. Usually, I create my own texture. 


3DTutorials: What would you say to someone else starting in the industry?

José Luis Peña: My advice is to always investigate and see tutorials. Seeking influences of artists they like and go according to your style. Disseminate their works the pages or Forums 3dtutorials. If in doubt, do not hesitate to look at ZBrushCentral forums. Initially, you may receive criticism, but do not get discouraged and move on. At first it is difficult to model in 3d. Just be patient and not get discouraged. We've all been there.


3DTutorials: And the last question what new work we should be expecting from you soon?

José Luis Peña: For now there are many personal projects that I have in mind. Perhaps an artist of the music I like , or any creature, or perhaps a robot. I'll start with my new project when a little free time.


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