Cinema 4D Tutorial -- Model and Texture a 3D Eyeball

Cinema 4D Tutorial -- Model and Texture a 3D Eyeball

Pixar's "Monsters University" is coming to theaters this month and everyone has giant eyeballs on their minds. In this intermediate/advanced tutorial I walk you through the steps of building and texturing a floating eyeball in Cinema 4D r14 Studio using nothing but lighting and textures created entirely within C4D with zero plugins. This one gets fairly complex with layer stacks and masks, so you might want to get out your notepads and hover over the pause button.

Also worth mentioning; it was too involved for the length of the tutorial, but you can try to copy and paste the blood vessel channel into the displacement channel of the material editor and add sub-poly displacement so the veins bulge off the surface of the sclera. I did this effect for the thumbnail image. I tried to paste it into a bump channel but the detail was too fine and the results were less than desirable. You will also need to increase the hypernurb levels to get good results, and then the render time jumps exponentially, but it looks even cooler.

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