The Division not to provide players with trading feature

​​Players won't be able to neither exchange items found in Mid-Manhattan nor sell them between one another in-game. It was reported by Julian Gerighty (Associate Creative Director) in an interview for GamesRadar. He states that developers were continuously discussing to add the feature though eventually decides to give it up. "Some features make it, some features don't, - director said. - We have set the priorities and made a decision". "However, while the ability to trade guns in-game won't be a 'day one' thing - project will be in support a good while being supplemented with new content. It's something that obviously some people are very passionate about," he says, adding, "it'll maybe make an appearance in the future." Trading system is not new to online games, i.e. it features a good while in World of Warcraft. Although there are projects lacking such feature even though it would be appropriate, particularly Destiny. Close beta-testing of The Division on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC will start by the end of January. Full version release planned for March 8. Recently it has become known that it will be supplemented with previously featured Booklyn.

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