Animago Award 2016 Digital Art Competition

The Digital Production magazine commenced accepting stills for the 20-th award in digital art industry. Among eligibles are both industry experts and evolving talents. Award is focused on 3D animation, visual effects, visualization and is open for studios, agencies, movie production companies, freelancers, private actors and students. Projects from around the world as well as created after 01 January 2013 are eligible. Participation is charge-free. Number of projects eligible for nomination is unlimited. Last year authors from 58 states took their part. Authors of the best projects will be invited to awarding ceremony to be hold on October 27-28, 2016. "Best Young Production" nominated winning project chosen by independent jury will be awarded with 3,000 Euro Prize. Primarily technical skills and creativity is being appraised. Deadline is 30 June 2016

For more info about award nominations and complete list of rules, please visit animago AWARD: Categories official website.

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